Tuesday, June 9, 2020

M!LK Cares???


Not gonna lie, I was REALLY surprised with M!LK's recent tweet! The one where they informed foreign fans about the live that will be happening on June 27!!! (Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen hehehe)

I FREAKED OUT AND GOT REALLY SURPRISEEEEDDD!!! Likeee they don't usually announce and inform in Englishhhh. They'd always be like "oh here's an update, it's up to you to translate and understand what we said ok byeee you're on your own" to M!LKys outside Japan! I'm really REALLY HAPPYYYY LIKE WHAAAAT JDNIFCLJDH THAT'S CRAZYYYY they reached out to ussss I'm cryinggggg

They care, and they know we exist I'm cryinGggGgGgggg they finally acknowledge that we exist!!!  I mean, they know we exist, but they don't really acknowledge it that much.
They're not ignoring the fact that M!LK has fans outside Japan who doesn't understand their language at alllllllllll UDHJDNJCWEKML It's like they FINALLY FINALLY INVITED US TO AN EVENT!!!! IT'S LIKE THEY WELCOMED USSSSSS JDNCJNFJRRFM I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD THAT THEY FINALLY STEPPED UP THEIR GAME (HAHAHAHAHA?)

I'm also happy about the idea that we can ACTUALLY watch them even if we're outside Japan! Something big like this would always be "..not available in your country" or something like that. It would mostly be minor ones like Instagram live. Not always, but mostly.

I really appreciate how they actually have everything translated into English for the sake of foreign fans! Very thoughtful, I just caaaaan't!!!! JDFIWEJFKW AN ACTUAL OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IN ENGLISH? WOULD YA LOOK AT M!LK!!!! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHTTTTT!

I'm beyond lost for words right now, I'm losing my minddddd!

If your interested to buy tickets and watch it, here's the link!

I thought the live was for free .__.

Thank you for reading my fangirling thoughts HAHAHAHA, I was just so  S T U N N E D