Wednesday, October 13, 2021

M!LK'S Media Debut "Ribbon"



After being inactive for so long, I finally felt like posting in this cobweb-infested blog lol

So, as you all already know, M!LK will no longer be an indie group anymore. They will be signed under Victor Entertainment on November 24, their 7th anniversary.

Knowing them for years now, I didn't know they were an indie group HAHA I thought Stardust is like a "jack-of-all-trades" agency. Like, they manage the acting, the singing, the dancing, etc. So okay, we learned something new. We learn everyday HAHAHAHA

I can't WAIT to hear their new songs! The photos for the CDs are stunning, so I wonder how their songs will sound!!!!!

Like, absolutely STUNNING. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or what, but that shade of color is what I'm recently eyeing on. I can't say it's my favorite color, but it's one of the colors that stands out to me. It could be a coincidence... or fate... idk with y'all 🤷‍♀️

HAHAHAHA I'm kidding. But I'm serious with the part that I'm "eyeing" that color. It's absolutely pretty.


And the color just suits them. They're just blowing me away just like alwaysssss ugHHhh I am OBSESSED!

Can't wait to hear their new songs! I will be looking forward to it :)) Let's all look forward to it <3 ❤️

Keep M!LKy~! 🍼

Monday, August 31, 2020

Wooden Fangirl Anniversary

 Hello, mina-san!

This year, I became a 5-year-old M!LKys last June. I can't believe it has already been five years. What a milestone! Within those five years of supporting M!LK, I have experienced so much "kilig" and heartbreaking moments. I laughed, cried tears of joy and sadness, went through the struggle of saving money to buy CDs, a photobook, and albums and so much more.
Of course, I have also met a lot of friends from all over the world, thanks to the boys. I've met friends from within the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, America, and Germany. They were with me during those happy moments of my fangirling life. I'm so happy I had them to express what excitement I have within me. A lot of them seem to leave the fandom (sad to say), but I'm so glad they've become part of my life as a M!LKys. I am also SO grateful that some of them became my friends outside of the fangirling world. I still have connections to some of them, while I lost connections to others for some reason. It breaks my heart but I can't do anything about it :(

M!LK has been my inspiration for everything I do, especially in school. I've managed to finish every year in school with honors.. awards, medals, certificates... they're one of the factors why I've been doing my best. I thank them for that as well.

During my first fangirl anniversary, I met this Thai girl. She commented in this blog and we managed to get connected on Twitter. There, she tweeted me a drawing she made for me:

So for this fifth-year anniversary, I decided to try making a rough drawing inspired by this drawing she made for me with watercolor instead.

Though I made it quick so it doesn't really look that nice HAHA. If you're reading this Kat-san, I want to tell you that I love the drawing that you made, I love you, and I miss you so much! Losing connection with you made me feel so sad. Hope you're doing fine!

To celebrate this milestone, I treated myself with a little snack. Luckily, my mom bought Krispy Kreme classic glazed donuts that time, perfect for tea.

I didn't have any frosting or any fancy things that I can use to decorate or write on the donut, so I used the power of the digital world haha

I could've treated myself to a nice meal outside or gotten a cake but it was in the middle of quarantine so I had to stay inside. This could do it, at least. I enjoy the treat anyway haha~

I'm so happy I've gotten this far. From five members to seven to five, from their Ameba blog to LINE from their first single to their 10th... I've witnessed so many things even if I've became more quiet. How they gradually became famous, how each of them slowly became so popular with their own dramas, from being extras to getting main roles, it's crazy!!! I'm so proud of them.

This blog was even with me through it all even when I left it during the 7-member M!LK days lol. ILY, BLOG!!

I want to keep supporting them, I want to try my best in staying in the fandom. As long as there's a founding member existing in the group, I'll try my best to support them no matter what. I thank them for the happiness they have brought to me. When I first met them, little did I know it was the start of a great change  in my life. My life was ruined (lol jk HAHAHA).

And yes, I'm still determined to meet them one day. Everyone who formed the group, including the ones who left. I'm also determined to attend their events, perhaps have a handshake with them, take pictures with them/of them, talk to them, have their signatures, buy their merch and CDs from stores in Japan... everything I have missed doing in those past years.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

M!LK Cares???


Not gonna lie, I was REALLY surprised with M!LK's recent tweet! The one where they informed foreign fans about the live that will be happening on June 27!!! (Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen hehehe)

I FREAKED OUT AND GOT REALLY SURPRISEEEEDDD!!! Likeee they don't usually announce and inform in Englishhhh. They'd always be like "oh here's an update, it's up to you to translate and understand what we said ok byeee you're on your own" to M!LKys outside Japan! I'm really REALLY HAPPYYYY LIKE WHAAAAT JDNIFCLJDH THAT'S CRAZYYYY they reached out to ussss I'm cryinggggg

They care, and they know we exist I'm cryinGggGgGgggg they finally acknowledge that we exist!!!  I mean, they know we exist, but they don't really acknowledge it that much.
They're not ignoring the fact that M!LK has fans outside Japan who doesn't understand their language at alllllllllll UDHJDNJCWEKML It's like they FINALLY FINALLY INVITED US TO AN EVENT!!!! IT'S LIKE THEY WELCOMED USSSSSS JDNCJNFJRRFM I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD THAT THEY FINALLY STEPPED UP THEIR GAME (HAHAHAHAHA?)

I'm also happy about the idea that we can ACTUALLY watch them even if we're outside Japan! Something big like this would always be "..not available in your country" or something like that. It would mostly be minor ones like Instagram live. Not always, but mostly.

I really appreciate how they actually have everything translated into English for the sake of foreign fans! Very thoughtful, I just caaaaan't!!!! JDFIWEJFKW AN ACTUAL OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IN ENGLISH? WOULD YA LOOK AT M!LK!!!! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHTTTTT!

I'm beyond lost for words right now, I'm losing my minddddd!

If your interested to buy tickets and watch it, here's the link!

I thought the live was for free .__.

Thank you for reading my fangirling thoughts HAHAHAHA, I was just so  S T U N N E D